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Beaver Meadow Tent Options

Funds were allotted ($30,000) in the current budget to purchase a tent for Beaver Meadow Golf Course. This tent would eliminate the need for a tent rental for each function, and retain and attract groups who utilize tents for their events. It could also be used during special events like rehearsal dinners, weddings, and more.

The Golf Course Advisory Committee and golf course staff reviewed different options regarding the tent project. The funding that was provided in the budget would have allowed for a pole tent structure only and did not allow for any type of flooring, side walls, or tables and chairs. With the regular use that is anticipated, the ground would be trampled and could become hazardous; sidewalls are desirous to protect customers from the elements, when necessary; and purchasing tables and chairs instead of renting for each event is more advantageous. Renting tables and chairs for 200 guests would be approximately $400-$500 per event and seven events pays for the purchase. The proposed tent size (40’ x 80’) would accommodate a group of approximately 200 guests.

Here are three potential options for the tent project, which will be presented to City Council during a public hearing in March: 1. Frame Tent Structure (Strongest seasonal structure) Frame Tent: $35,500 (Sidewalls Included) Concrete Flooring: $19,000 Site work and materials: $2,000 25 Tables: $2,100 200 Chairs: $1,600 Total: $60,200 *Additional funding needed $30,200 2. Pole Tent Structure (Solid structure) Pole Tent $29,500 (Sidewalls Included) Concrete Flooring: $19,000 Site work and materials: $2,000 25 Tables:$2,100 200 Chairs: $1,600 Total: $54,200 *Additional funding needed $24,200 3. Pole Tent Only (Within budget): $29,500 Additionally, there will be an annual maintenance charge of approximately $3,200 to annually install/remove, clean and store the tent. This charge will be built into the annual operating budget. Also discussed was the ability to charge users of the tent as part of a golf outing, build into the pricing of the outing and other flat fee charges for use not related to a golf outing. It is anticipated that an additional $5,000 to $7,000 could be generated annually for tent rentals.

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