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City of Concord NH Tax Bill Changes

City of Concord residents will notice a few format changes on their tax bills beginning with the 2019 tax year.

The most notable changes are:

  • The tax bill is now presented on an 8.5” X 14”, legal-sized sheet of paper.

  • The center portion of the bill contains three years of prior tax billing history.

  • “Total Delinquent Taxes” is now displayed in red in the upper right corner of the bill for increased visibility.

  • The back of the bill now has a brief explanation of the tax rate segments; Local Ed, State Ed, County and City.

  • The additional information provided on the back of the bill is now in larger print for improved legibility.

Additional Notes:

  • The July and October tax bills, which will be sent out in May, are calculated by taking 50% of the prior tax year’s “Annual Tax” amount. The result is divided by 2 to create two payments, one due in July and the other in October.

  • The January and March tax bills, which will be sent out in November, are the final bills for the current tax year. The “Annual Tax” on this bill can be used for full comparison to the prior year billing history.

More information and resources are available online under the Assessing Department’s web page at

See SAMPLE City of Concord tax bills below:

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