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City of Concord Sets 2023 Tax Rate and Due Date of January 11, 2024 for Tax Bills

Concord, NH (November 27, 2023) – The New Hampshire Department of Revenue Administration has confirmed the final 2023 tax rates for Concord $26.86 and Penacook $29.15.

The overall rate for Concord increased by $0.97, and the overall rate for Penacook increased by $.02. The City portion only is increased by $0.40, which amounts to $0.04 more than projected in the FY24 adopted budget.

This tax rate reflects careful considerations and the hard work of Mayor Bouley and the members of City Council during a difficult budget year.

The City’s Finance Department is preparing for the third and fourth quarter tax bills to be mailed out on or before December 11, 2023, with due dates of January 11, 2024 and March 31, 2024 respectively. Interest will be due on all payments made after January 11, 2024 and March 31, 2024. While these tax bills are normally issued on or before December 2 of each year, the issuance of the tax bills will be delayed this year due to circumstances beyond the City’s control.

Concord tax rate:

City: $9.51

County: $2.17

Concord School District: $13.61

State Education Rate: $1.57

TOTAL: $26.86

Penacook tax rate:

City: $9.51

County: $2.17

Merrimack Valley School District: $15.92

State Education Rate: $1.55

TOTAL: $29.15

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