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City Solicitor Confirmed as a Justice on the NH Superior Court

Following more than 12 years as the City of Concord’s City Solicitor, and two years as the Deputy City Solicitor, James W. Kennedy has been confirmed as a Justice on the Superior Court in New Hampshire. He is expected to make the transition from the City of Concord to the Court in February 2024.

As the City Solicitor, Attorney Kennedy served as the Department Head for the City’s Legal Department, which consists of a civil and criminal division. His job has required that he address all legal matters facing the City of Concord, and he has served as legal counsel for the City Council; the City Manager; and all City Departments, including the Police and Fire Departments.

“While Attorney Kennedy’s departure will be a significant loss for the City, we are confident that his new role as a Justice on the Superior Court will be a great gain for the State of New Hampshire,” said City Manager Tom Aspell.

The City of Concord takes this time to acknowledge and thank Attorney Kennedy for his steadfast and foundational leadership over the years and to wish him all the best in his new role on the Superior Court.

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