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Concord Road Load Limits Begin on Monday, Feb. 27

The City of Concord, NH will begin posting weight limits to streets in Concord starting on Monday, February 27. This practice is performed annually at the onset of spring to protect roads from heavy vehicles during the spring thaw. “No Trucking – Load Limit 9 Tons” signs are posted on roads to help minimize damage from heavy vehicles on weakened road structures.

Road structures are naturally weakened around this time of year from the freezing and thawing cycles. Fluctuating temperatures can cause the ground to shift, leading to cracks in the pavement. Frost heaves are formed when snow and rain get through the cracks and freeze underneath the roads, expanding the road upwards. As temperatures warm, the ground thaws and the roads contract back down, causing breaks in the pavement and potholes. Continued warmer temperatures and the beginning of snow melt has started this process early this season.

The load limit postings are dependent on weather and road conditions. Restrictions will continue as long as conditions require and will likely remain in place through the end of March or early April. Limits will not be removed until all snow has melted and ditches are clear of any standing water.

The road load limits of 9 tons will not affect the average car or truck, but will impact heavy construction vehicles and commercial trucking. The weight restrictions will help maintain road conditions as Concord General Services crews continue to patch potholes and make road repairs when possible. Residents can report potholes using the City of Concord’s reporting tool at or on the MyConcordNH mobile app.

The City of Concord does not issue permits for drivers for spring load limits. Drivers can call Concord General Services at (603) 228-2737 to request for travel permissions if necessary of 1-2 loads before noon. Find the list of streets that will be posted in Concord and more information at

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