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City of Concord, NH Sets 2022 Tax Rate

The Department of Revenue Administration has confirmed the final 2022 tax rates for Concord $25.89 and Penacook $29.13.

The overall rate for Concord is increased by $0.77 and the overall rate for Penacook is increased by $1.16. The City portion only is increased by $0.37, and is $0.05 less than projected in the FY22 adopted budget.

This tax rate reflects careful considerations and the hard work of Mayor Bouley and the members of City Council during a difficult budget year.

Concord tax rate:

City: $9.11

County: $2.15

Concord School District: $13.42

State Education Rate: $1.21

TOTAL: $25.89

Penacook tax rate:

City: $9.11

County: $2.15

Merrimack Valley School District: $16.71

State Education Rate: $1.16

TOTAL: $29.13

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