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Concord, NH Water Utility Customers Can Possibly Save & “Shower Better” This October

Concord General Services is hosting its annual E-Z Pay for WaterSense contest, inviting Concord water and sewer utility customers to enroll in the City of Concord’s Utility Billing E-Z Pay Program for a chance to win a Shower Better Bundle. The contest is being held for its ninth year in celebration of October being National Energy Awareness Month and EPA WaterSense’s Shower Better Month.

Three Concord water and/or sewer utility customers who enroll in E-Z Pay and submit a contest entry form by 5 p.m. on October 31, 2023, will be selected to win a Shower Better Bundle. Each bundle includes a WaterSense-labeled shower head, a shower timer, and other shower necessities to enjoy a luxurious shower while saving water, reducing energy use, and possibly even lowering utility costs.

E-Z Pay is an automatic payment program that transfers money from a customer’s authorized bank account to their utility service account for scheduled monthly bill payments. Customers enrolled in E-Z Pay still receive a monthly bill statement to be notified of the bill amount and date of the scheduled payment.

“E-Z Pay is the easiest way to pay your utility bill,” states Terri Segalini, Utility Billing Program Manager. “It’s a safe, reliable, and convenient program that saves time and eliminates the worry of any late fees.”

Customers can also enroll in e-Billing on the contest entry form to double their chance to win. Enrollment options for e-Billing include receiving paperless PDF bills via email or receiving both e-Bills and a mailed paper bill statement.

The U.S. EPA WaterSense Program is a resource for saving water and a label for water-efficient products. WaterSense-labeled products are certified to use at least 20% less water, save energy, and perform as well as or better than regular models. The City of Concord has been a WaterSense Promotional Partner since 2014 to encourage water conservation and preserve Concord’s public water supply.

“We offer this contest as a fun and easy way to get customers interested in saving water,” said Water Conservation Technician, Ian Chase. “It’s a great opportunity to update your shower head and consider other ways to reduce your water use.”

Shower better this October and enter the E-Z Pay for WaterSense contest. More information, official contest rules, and forms are available at, 311 North State Street, or by calling the Utility Billing Office at 603-225-8693.

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