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Concord Police Department Awards & Recognition Ceremony

The Concord Police Department held their annual awards and recognition ceremony on Friday, March 30. Members of the Department were recognized for their contributions in 2018; Liberty, the Department's comfort dog was officially sworn in, and three new officers were recognized.

Here is a list of the awards and recipients. You can also watch a video of the full ceremony on YouTube.

Letter of Commendation – Operation Blue Elf • MPO Ryan Howe • MPO Christy Spaulding

Letter of Commendation – Cherry St • Officer Matthew Doyon • Det. Christian Lovejoy • MPO Joseph Russell • MPO Scott Fanjoy • MPO Steven Martel • Sgt. Timothy King • Michael Adam

Commendation Bar for Meritorious Service – Gun Invest./Arrest • Sgt. Robert Buelte • Det. Brian Womersley

Letter of Commendation – Stolen Vehicle Invest. • Officer Thomas Sheveland • Officer Stephen Hemming

Letter of Commendation – Stolen Vehicle Invest. • MPO William Brouillet

Letter of Commendation – Citizens Bank Robbery(1) • Det. Wade Brown • Det. Michael Cassidy • Det. Bryan Croft • Det. William Carroll • Det. Chris DeAngelis • Sgt. Robert Buelte • Lt. Sean Ford

Letter of Commendation – Citizens Bank Robbery(2) • MPO Brian Cook • Dispatcher Greta Ernst • Sgt. Timothy King • Det. Christian Lovejoy • Officer Sarah Wyszynski • Radio Technician Bruce Ferry

Letter of Appreciation • Bruce Ferry

Letter of Commendation – Stabbing Draft • Officer Brooke Lashua • Officer Thomas Sheveland • Officer Alex Cronin • Officer Jonathan Kulik • MPO Joseph Russell • Sgt. Joseph Pitta • Det. Julie Curtin • Det. Paul Shaughnessy • Det. Benjamin Mitchell • Det. Michael Cassidy

Letter of Commendation-sex assault • Sgt. Thomas Yerkes • Det. Chris DeAngelis

Letter of Commendation-Drug Arrest • Officer Charles McCullough • Officer Steven Carter

Letter of Commendation-Threat at CHS • Det. Wade Brown • Det. Joseph Chaput • Det. Michael Cassidy

Letter of Commendation-2nd Degree Assault • Officer Kristopher Begin • Officer Patrick Ofrias • Officer Adam Bissonnette • Officer Jonathon Galvin

Letter of Commendation-violation of privacy case

• Det. Paul Shaughnessy

Letter of Commendation • Det. Paul Shaughnessy

• Det. Nicole Murray

Commendation Bar for Meritorious Service-Stabbing • Det. Paul Shaughnessy • Det. Bryan Croft • Det. Nicole Murray

Commendation Bar for Lifesaving

• Officer Mahra Lawrence

Commendation Bar for Lifesaving

•Sgt. Matthew Casey

Commendation Bar for Lifesaving

• Officer Sarah Wyszynski

Commendation Bar for Lifesaving

• Officer Daniel White

Commendation Bar for Meritorious Service-computer crimes

• Det. Joseph Chaput

Letter of Appreciation

• Alyssa Tursi

Civilian Employee of the Year

• David Florence

Police Officer of the Year

• Sgt. Timothy King

Letter of Appreciation-Liberty • Laura Barker, HeroPups

Promotion: MPO Craig Levesque to Sergeant #20

Swearing in – New Officers

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