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National Walk to a Park Day

Concord, New Hampshire has many parks that are very much loved by the community. Some have trails. Some have public pools. Some have baseball diamonds. Regardless of differences, there is a common thread that all of Concord’s parks share: parks are an important part of our city.

Today is Walk to a Park Day. With the large number of public parks in Concord, New Hampshire, walking to a park is easy for most Concord residents. Learn more about Concord’s parks.

Our parks are equally accessible and available to all people regardless of income level, ethnicity, gender, ability, or age. Our parks and open spaces including the maintenance, safety, and accessibility are provided on an equitable basis to all citizens of Concord/Penacook. Neighborhood parks across the city are all maintained to same high standard. We believe it’s a right, not just a privilege, for our residents to have safe, healthy access to parks and open spaces.

The benefits of social equity and universal access to public parks and open space are many, including:

  • Public enjoyment and engagement. Where parks and open space are plentiful our residents enjoy the closest attachment and engagement within their communities;

  • Quality recreation time with family and friends. Parks and Recreation services provide a space and a reason to partake in enjoying quality time, relaxation, and fun among family members and friends, thus strengthening the social and familial bonds that provide balance and satisfaction in life;

  • Improvement of mental and physical health. Parks and Recreation can reduce the impacts of chronic diseases, especially in such vulnerable populations as children, seniors, and the underserved;

  • Measurable decreases in rates of crime and other detrimental activities. Communities are safer as a result of a wholesome atmosphere created by well‐managed parks and open spaces in communities through healthy activities and programming for all people.

According to the Trust for Public Land, the average person is willing to take 10 minutes to walk to a destination. Having a public park within 10 minutes of your home ensures not only an equitable park system, but also helps improve the mental health of residents.

Whether reliving nostalgic memories, enjoying recreational opportunities, or taking children to the park to play on a nearby playground, there are many ways to enjoy our local neighborhood parks only a short walk away.


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