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White Park Skate House Funding Update

In June 2018, the City Council approved $1,150,000 to build a new Skate House building at White Park with the understanding that the project would be supported through both donations and City funding. This project is being funded through a public – private partnership, led by a community fundraising committee as a collaborative effort to bring improvements to the Concord community, while reducing the cost to local taxpayers.

The use of bonds would no longer be needed for this project under the new proposed funding. Instead, the funding sources would include:

-$575,000 from Donations -$400,000 from Unassigned Fund Balance -$175,000 from Recreation Reserve

The donations would be a combination of funds already provided to the City from the Black Ice Pond Hockey Tournaments and other contributions. As of early January, donations have been received in the amount of: -Black Ice Pond Hockey( all years): $100,000 -Other Donations $91,477 Total : $191,477* *Please note that these amounts DO NOT include pledges made but not yet received

The new skate house will provide year-round enjoyment for the community. It will not only be used as a winter shelter with skate rentals and a snack bar, but will offer indoor and outdoor space for community events. You can learn more about this project by visiting the White Park Concord website.

Here are some photos of the demolition of the old building and the new building in progress:

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